Custom Beverage Areas Made Local

At Tharp Custom Cabinets, all of our custom cabinetry is locally sourced and made by local craftspeople who are experts at designing and building custom cabinets and shelving. If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the skills to create a beverage bar that is sure to elevate your comfort and increase the value and luxury of your home.

Custom Wet Bar – Unwind at Your Own Watering Hole

A wet bar is generally a small area in the home used for mixing and serving alcoholic drinks. It is nice for most families to separate the adult beverages from the family food and drinks in the kitchen and pantry. Some wet bars are little more than a nook that contains all the alcohol, including a wine fridge and shelving for liquor and cabinets for beverage glasses. Wet bars feature a sink whereas dry bars don’t. At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we can create whatever shelving and cabinets fit the area you are using for your bar. Add some seating and you’ll have a space you can relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite whiskey or wine and mull over your day.

Coffee Stations – A Home Barista’s Dream

Gone are the days of a simple drip coffee pot brewing the beans to get the family’s day started. As any coffee or tea connoisseur will surely tell you, a great cup of joe requires so much more. Whether your coffee station includes a Keurig, drip pot, espresso machine, bean grinder, and all the accessories — various beans, flavors, creamer, milk, mugs, spoons, etc. — or a simple, yet extensive, tea and kettle collection, many people would prefer to dedicate a space rather than sacrificing counter space. Creating a coffee station allows you to keep everything in one spot while also allowing you to retain your functional kitchen space. Be it a small cabinet area with a working counter or a full bar-style area in your breakfast nook, Tharp Custom Cabinetry can create the home barista’s dream.

Butler’s Pantry – Entertaining Made Easy

If you are one who hosts parties or holidays, or you simply have a large family and need more space for food prep, a butler’s pantry is a favorite of entertainers everywhere! A butler’s pantry differs from a kitchen or a walk-in pantry by providing a food preparation area that is out of sight of guests, allowing you to clean at your leisure and reserve the kitchen for food display. A butler’s pantry is the perfect place to store beverage preparation supplies, additional dining ware for entertaining, and holiday or party linens. From a simple food prep station to an extended kitchen, Tharp Custom Cabinetry can help create the storage and working space you need to create the perfect dishes for entertaining.

For your luxury home upgrades or remodels, contact the staff at Tharp Custom Cabinetry to discover just how affordable custom cabinetry and shelving can be. We look forward to helping turn your house into a home.

Ideas For Your Wet Bar

If you have been considering adding a wet bar to your home, we have great news for you — not only will the wet bar be a great way to separate the adult space from the family living area, but it will add value to your home, so you can consider it an investment. More than just a place to store your alcohol, a wet bar is perfect to entertain and create an air of luxury. Here are some of the trending custom wet bar ideas to inspire you.

Built-In Beverage Bar in Kitchen Island

To save space while adding distinction and luxury, some homeowners opt for a subtle bar addition to their existing kitchen island. By adding in some wine shelving, a mini-fridge, or custom glassware shelving, you can keep the whiskey and wine separate from family food and drinks, but readily accessible for entertaining.

A Full Custom In-Home Bar

If you have the room and wish to create a full custom in-home bar, Tharp Custom Cabinetry can help. With the right space, you can build a full custom bar, complete with under and over cabinets, an island or bar, and plenty of custom storage to meet your collection needs.

A Galley-Style Bar

A wet bar can be a simple small counter space that features a sink and some custom cabinets. Or, if you have the room, you can upgrade to a full galley kitchen-meets-bar hybrid. A full wet bar may include custom cabinetry, plenty of counter space, and a sink, all for the purposes of entertaining. Create a space that includes a game room or theater for watching the big games.

Some features to consider:

  • Built-in wine storage
  • Under the counter cabinets and appliances — microwave, kegerator, and dishwasher
  • Open shelving option with custom glassware storage
  • Bar-style countertops with under cabinetry
  • Built-in entertainment — large screen television, surround sound, etc.
  • Wine fridge
  • Plenty of drawers
  • Foot bar
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Custom Coffee Station Ideas

For coffee or tea connoisseurs, having a special place to keep all the things required to brew the perfect mug is not only convenient, but it helps clear up kitchen space as well. Your custom coffee station can range from nothing more than a simple nook with custom over-and-under cabinets and a small counter to a full wall-length, cafe-style coffee station in your breakfast nook. At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, it doesn’t really matter what your idea is, we can help make it a reality! Here are just a few ideas to help you design your coffee spot.

A coffee station is a perfect place to feature some open custom cabinets or built-in shelving to store your mug collection. Your coffee bar should include drawers and under cabinets to hide all of the necessities that aren’t as display-worthy — filters, straws, spoons, etc. Dedicate a corner of your sitting room to create a cafe or consider transforming a linen closet to a full coffee bar. Wherever you feature your coffee station, you’ll need to be sure you have access to a water source and power. If you enjoy creamer or milk for your hot drinks, you’ll also want to have a mini-fridge to store these items.

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How Tharp Custom Cabinetry Can Optimize Your Butler’s Pantry

For those who are fortunate enough to have a butler’s pantry, or the space to create one, at Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we get excited to help optimize it. A butler’s pantry should function as an extension of your kitchen and dining room, providing additional space to prepare food while entertaining. We don’t think that butler’s pantries should be limited to floor-to-ceiling shelving or a small amount of counter space. Using custom cabinetry and countertops, we can help you create a functional space that allows you the space to prepare meals and store the things you don’t use regularly.

Things to consider featuring in your butler’s pantry:

  • Wine fridge or storage racks
  • Sink and appliances
  • Plenty of drawer space amidst under-counter cabinets
  • A good mix of open shelving and custom cabinetry
  • Storage space for fine china and entertainware
  • A window or ventilation
  • A clear access path to the kitchen and/or dining room

If you are interested in customizing your butler’s pantry, contact the design team at Tharp Custom Cabinetry to help with planning and optimization. Contact us to get your project started today.