I Have Never Installed Cabinets For A Better Company Than Tharp From Start To Finish

I am an independent subcontractor. I have worked for many different Custom cabinet companies over the last 20 + years. I have never installed cabinets for a better company than tharp from start to finish. Garth the owner Is hands on and cares about every part of his company 1st sells/design. They have a lot of great designers, but Jessica H is the best designer they have. Customers rave about her to me all the time. Don’t get me wrong, her Installs can be head scratchers sometimes because she always comes up with something new and innovative. She loves to push the boundaries, if you are willing then after her you will get a cfr. For Jessica’s team it’s Jose, also the best he will come out inspect meticulously every inch of the install and quality of product, and make sure it is up to tharp standards and if not, he makes the installer go back and fix. If he feels fit to do so and also order new parts, if he does not like anything about the quality, and then you have Juan S. He is the installation manager. He oversees everything from when cabinets are being built to final customers satisfaction, and he does anything needed to make sure the client is fully satisfied in the end . But bottom line for me all their cabinets are high quality, not racked but square true and easy to install, because of their perfection, and use of high end materials, it’s easier for me to install quality cabinets compare to junk cabinets. This is why I only sub contract with them now.

Josh I.