Custom Office Spaces

At Tharp Custom Cabinets, we are honored to use our talents in just about any way that you need to make your home as comfortable as possible. While our talents may have been honed to upgrade kitchens with beautiful custom cabinets, we are able to create custom spaces just about anywhere. One place we can combine our custom cabinetry, built-in shelving, and custom bookcases is your in-home office. Whether you’re upgrading a nook in your dining room or renovating a dedicated office, we can create the custom workspace of your productive dreams.

Upgrade Your In-Home Office

Do you already have a functional workspace complete with the basics — a desk and bookcase? While this may be enough to get the job done, at Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we can help you upgrade and customize your workspace to optimize your workability. We can create a desk complete with upper and lower cabinets or drawers, a keyboard slide-out, and custom shelving or bookcases. Take your office space from <i>it works just fine</i> to <i>inspired to work</i> with the help of our talented local craftsmen.

 Functional and Organized Working Space

If there is anywhere in your home that deserves extra attention to the organization, it’s your home office. Your office requires optimal organization to allow productivity to flourish, but it has to be functional for ease of accessibility and promoting workflow. If you work from home or run a business out of your home, you’ve got no room for clutter and distraction. Let the designers and expert craftsmen at Tharp Custom Cabinetry help you create the office space that is sure to make your life easier.

Optimize Working Space

The limited space of a small desk that is also used to hold all of your office items creates a situation in which, if you want to spread out your work, you’ve got to move to the dining table or stay cramped at your desk. Letting Tharp Custom Cabinetry build you a custom desk with plenty of space can help give you the space you need to work hard. Optimizing workspace requires more than extra space, it also requires making the space work for you. Custom drawers, cabinets, and shelving can make all the difference in productivity.

For all of your custom office needs, contact the team at Tharp Custom Cabinetry for design ideas and your custom quote.

Reasons to Invest in Custom Office Spaces

For the casual homeowner with a family computer that is used to check email, track finances, and store digital photos, a dedicated office space may not be a necessity. But even in these situations — as well as those home offices that are used to run small businesses and your high-school student’s bedroom study nook — there is immense value in investing in a custom office space.

Maximize productivity by optimizing workspace.

Your productivity potential depends a lot on the space you are working in. A cramped, crowded space does not allow thoughts to flow or innovation to flourish. Sharing office space that doubles as the coffee bar or a craft station also distract from productivity and makes the “office space” seem more like a haphazardly borrowed space. Maximize productivity by optimizing your home offices.

Reduce clutter and define working space.

A custom office space allows you to better define and organize the working space. Reduce desk clutter by investing in custom cabinets, drawers, shelves, and bookcases that allow you to assign a dedicated space to all of your items. Store all your files securely or allow your student to display their motivational items along with their study materials to encourage focus and productivity.

Enhance the look and feel of the space.

For office spaces that are in your home’s common areas or are a part of a bedroom, defining the space and enhancing the look of your desk and office space supports the flow of the room and makes it feel like it belongs, rather than being a corner space that merely exists. Investing in shelving and custom cabinets makes the space look intentional; it provides a place where your items belong. Your custom office space can be created to match the look and feel of the rest of the room and fit your working purpose.

Bring your thoughts and ideas to life and let productivity thrive when you invest in custom office spaces for the desk and work areas in your home. With the help of Tharp Custom Cabinetry, you can move beyond the standard desk and shelf and really create an office space that speaks to your personality and purpose. Visit our online gallery and contact our design team for your custom quote.

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The Ultimate Home Office Must-Haves

At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we are no stranger to custom-built functionality and organization. Whether your home office is in a dedicated office room or you have quarantined a section of your bedrooms, we can create the ultimate office space that suits your needs.

Custom computer and keyboard settings.

Not all work in your office relies on computer use and not all computer setups are the same. Allowing us to create a desk space with custom computer and keyboard settings allows you to have a workstation that works for you. Tuck away your keyboard to make room for books, files, and other projects, or to allow you to comfortably spend the entire day typing. View some of our previous designs in our office gallery.

Easy-to-use and concealable cable and wire routing.

Nothing distracts from a clear, focused mind like loose hanging wires and cables. Not only does it create a look of disorganization, but you can also easily get tangled up in them or accidentally pull one, causing the whole setup to come crashing down. Force all of your cable and wires into hiding with easy-to-use and concealable custom routing systems for your office.

Drawers and cabinets.

Drawers, shelves, and custom cabinetry are office essential must-haves for storing and organizing all of your work materials. Whether your office is meant for balancing finances and running a small business, or for providing a home for your sewing machine, you need a place, aside from the desktop, to hold all of your supplies. Custom-built shelves, bookshelves, drawers, and cabinets can make all the difference.

To upgrade or create an in-home office space that allows you to accomplish all of your tasks, contact the talented designers at Tharp Custom Cabinetry today!