Looking for an old-world or antiqued finish? Tharp can masterfully apply a unique distressed look to all cabinets. This finish combines the application of wood markings as well as burnishing in both a medium and heavy option. Distressing is hand-done, allowing for variation and distinctive aesthetics.

In the video below, we’re demonstrating the tips and tricks we’ve learned when it comes to custom distressing. We’re going to show you how we create an old look by beating up the wood and creating a weathered look by adding heavy scratches, worm holes, dings and dents.  Pay attention and you will see an example of hewing wood, which is to shape the wood with a sharp instrument such as an axe to show a distressed look of wear and tear around the corners of the cabinet doors.

The art of custom distressing is fun and creative; we have a passion for woodworking!  Visit our website for design ideas, door and stain samples, and more finish options.