Relocation and Expansion Plan Update

In November, we announced that we are relocating and expanding our showroom in Loveland. We are excited about this move for a few reasons. We are consolidating from 7 separate buildings that offer 93,000 square-feet of custom cabinetry, to a single 170,000 square-foot building that will offer much better flow and more space to display our quality designs. And, secondly, we get to stay in Loveland, our home since 1971! This expansion will allow us to provide more jobs to local Coloradans and get our impeccably made cabinetry into more homes across the nation.

This move has been a few years in the making and is finally in the works! Tharp Custom Cabinetry has been working with the city of Loveland since 2017 to nail down the location and begin renovations. And, the work is well underway. All of the building details have been ironed out and the construction crews have donned their hardhats and have begun the daunting task of turning this massive industrial space into a gorgeous showroom.


Pardon our mess.

The anticipation of our new location is palpable. While we are still hard at work, renovating the new site while creating custom cabinets at our current location, we cannot offer tours through the construction site. However, we are proud to announce that the site is beginning to morph into what promises to be a game-changing, awe-inspiring showroom.

As the process continues, we will keep you updated as to a projected opening date, but for now, we are allowing time for the dust to settle.

If you are in the market for some custom cabinets, come browse the selection at our current showroom or visit our online gallery. Our Colorado-based crew is ready to design and create your cabinets, shelving, desks, and more.

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