Post by Kevin Reese,

The pandemic is forcing many families to celebrate Thanksgiving apart this year, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made this bold statement: “As cases continue to increase rapidly across the United States, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate at home with people you live with.”

As you may have visited relatives or dined out in the past, spending time in your own kitchen many be a new adventure for you. As you chop, slice, boil, bake and serve that amazing Thanksgiving dinner for your family tomorrow, think about what you would change if you could remodel your kitchen. And dream about next year; wouldn’t it be great to host a group of family and friends at your house so you can show off your new updated kitchen as well as your professional cooking skills?

At Tharp, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and we’d like to share some our top kitchen design recommendations for 2021:

  1. Since the kitchen is the “heart of the home” the space needs to be multi-functional. That means that in addition to cooking family meals, you need a space to entertain your friends and a place for the kids to do homework. Whether you like modern or traditional designs for your new kitchen, technology and organization are a must.
  2. Make your kitchen practical, and keep in mind that “less is more.” What we mean is that your accessories can have a place in your new kitchen, and it’s not necessary to have everything on display.
  3. TV’s are now included in many designs. TV’s today can be small and tuck into the cabinetry, so it’s out of the way unless you want to use it.
  4. Since many of your everyday tools such as mobile phones and tablets need to be charged, drawers can now include charging stations and hide all of the messy cords when your devices are being charged.
  5. Lighting makes a bold statement in the kitchen’s look and feel. Today, lighting can be installed directly into the cabinets, and the wires can be hidden, and timers and dimmers can be installed to create a custom look.
  6. Color is very personal, but we wanted to share Sherwin Williams COLOR OF THE YEAR 2021 “Urbane Bronze.” Check out this video to learn more.

Now’s the time to get started on your new kitchen project. Contact us today to begin the design process.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day. We’d like to share this cool and informative interactive Thanksgiving Menu Planner to help make it a great day. Enjoy!