Post by Kevin Reese,

Are you ready for a home office makeover? It’s time to bring in the experts.

Besides kitchen remodels, the number one question we get asked is “can you help me design a comfortable and productive home office,” and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! You want your new space to be a reflection of who you are, and a custom design that makes you happy is ideal, so you can get down to business. In addition to a cool new space, home offices tend to increase the value of your home.

At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we have a team of creative and talented cabinetry designers that will inspire you to tackle this challenge, and the upfront planning will make a big difference in the success of this project. To get started, we only need some basic input, and we can take it from there.

  • Are you remodeling a current room, such as a guest bedroom or a dining room that’s never been used?
  • Will this space be used just for you or other family members as well?
  • Are you planning to buy a new chair, and do you require secondary seating such as a lounge chair or an ottoman?
  • What are the technology requirements for your new home office?
  • What are the dimensions of this room, and make sure to take note of the doors and windows, the current electrical outlets as well as the ceiling height?
  • What is the location of the room? Basement, main floor or upstairs?
  • Will this space be a multi-purpose room? For example, will you be adding an exercise bike or a yoga mat?
  • What colors make you most productive?
  • What is necessary to keep you organized, and are your goals to create a clutter-free environment? Think about desk surface requirements, filing cabinets, shelves and storage for office supplies.
  • Do you want the design to be traditional or modern or a little bit of both?
  • Do you have any photos of home offices that you like?
  • Do you have enough natural sunlight in the space, or will extra lighting be required?
  • And, the two most important questions: what’s your timeline, and your budget range?

Now’s the time to get started on your new home office project. Contact us today to begin customizing your In-Home Office Space.

Before the coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year, you probably had zero plans of working from home, but now, welcome to the new normal. Click here for some tips from about how to be more productive when working from home. Enjoy!