Custom Bedroom Cabinetry

Your bedroom is so much more than a space for your bed. Whether we are speaking of your master suite, your kids’ bedrooms, or your guest room/den, you need a welcoming space that is inviting, comfortable, and invites relaxation.

Custom Bedroom Shelving

There are many opportunities to optimize your bedroom using custom shelving in a variety of places. We can build you a custom headboard or floor to ceiling wall shelving unit that accommodates your bed. Additionally, we have created office or lounge nooks that separate the areas of your room where focus and mindfulness are the goal and areas where rest and relaxation are vital. This helps break up the room and turn it from a filled square to an intentional living space.

Custom Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets hold so much potential for customization! We can build wall to wall and floor to ceiling custom shelves with built-in tie racks, drawers and tilt-out hampers. Not only does this help you organize your life, but to streamline the look of your space, making it more comfortable and easier to navigate. We can include custom cabinets and drawer front to complete the polished look.

At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we strive to make your life look and feel better with the help of our custom cabinetry options. Whether you need a simple fold-out desk or you are transforming your den to a guest-suite, our designers and craftsmen can make your design dreams a reality.

How Custom Cabinets and Shelves Can Create the Ultimate Master Suite

If your home features a master suite, it is undoubtedly your haven. Many homeowners work hard to create a comfortable and functional space to relax. Master suites are much more than a bedroom, and oftentimes feature a luxury walk-in closet, a sitting area, lounge, or office area, and the largest bath in the home. When it comes to designing the space, you’ll want it to be much more than a bed and dresser. At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we’ve been helping homeowners transform their master suites from bedrooms to spaces that are reminiscent of a condo. One way we help achieve a personalized look and feel is with custom cabinets and shelving options.

Built-in Shelving

There are few ways to add organization and sophistication to a room the way built-in shelving. Whether you opt for floor to ceiling built-in bookcases or some simple nooks, custom-made built-in shelving appears intentional and clean. At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, you can choose from a variety of woods, stains, and finishes to create a custom space that is all you.

Custom-made Desk or Vanity

Custom-made desks and vanities, complete with cabinets, shelving, and a desktop help create a functional, yet comfortable space in your master suite. At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, you can choose your cabinet fronts and hardware that are all luxury to help make your space a sanctuary.

Storage Cabinets

No one likes clutter taking away from the relaxing ambiance of their master suite. Many modern spaces feature plenty of closet space including walk-in princess closets in addition to smaller, more functional linen closets, but custom cabinetry help to organize and conceal all the other things you collect. Store your lesser-used items such as costumes, seasonal items, and important documents out of the line of sight to improve comfort and luxury.

Optimize Closet Space

As we mentioned, master suites often feature large wardrobe closets, some even feature a changing or seating area. Custom cabinetry and shelving can help you optimize the functionality and storage space of your walk-in closet without causing it to become dark, crowded, and uninviting. Customize your space with built-in shoe racks, tie storage, and floor to ceiling storage shelves. Create a custom wardrobe complete with doors and drawers of varying sizes. Keep your clothes and accessories clean, organized, and easy to see and find with custom closets by Tharp Custom Cabinetry.

At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we are no stranger to transforming master suites from simple bedrooms to luxurious spaces. Whether you are a home builder planning the erection of a new home or a homeowner looking to transform your existing room, contact us to get your project started today!

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Reasons to Remodel Your Bedrooms

When you built or bought your home, it is likely because it was exactly what you wanted. You could envision you making it a home and making it yours. You have made the necessary modifications and have enjoyed it as your space since the day you closed. Home projects never stop, and you’ve undoubtedly made several changes over the years, however, the bedrooms are often the last places that remodels are considered. Perhaps this is because you only think about it when you are lying awake at night or because we tend to focus our attention on the areas of the home that get the most use and bedrooms are typically reserved for the use of the person who it belongs to. If you’ve been considering a bedroom remodel, here are just a few of the main reasons we agree and think you should go for it!

You’ve outgrown the space.

Whether your child has aged, your family has grown, or you’ve simply expanded your needs if your bedroom seems much too small or behind in season, age, or style, it is time to consider a remodel.
Many people outgrow the space, physically, when they run out of storage room. If the organization in your bedroom makes it difficult to relax, it is time to downsize or remodel! Adding some built-in shelving or adding a custom-made desk or boudoir can make all the difference. Adding cabinets or custom storage options to your room can completely transform it.

It’s been more than 5 years.

Maybe you don’t need a full overhaul on your bedroom every five years or so, but if your bedroom looks the same now as it did five years ago, it is time to look at your options and consider an upgrade. Consider making small changes that would enhance the comfort and functionality of your bedroom.

At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we can help create the custom space for your comfort and functionality in any room of your home. To get started with your bedroom projects, stop by our Loveland showroom or contact us today!

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Custom Bedroom Ideas

At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we believe that homeowners are never limited in the potential of creating their dream space in their homes. We have helped homeowners bring their visions to life and have supported custom home builders and interior designers on their quest to create a custom space that makes houses transform into homes. Our homebuilders prefer our custom cabinets and built-in shelving for the quality and craftsmanship, and our homeowners enjoy the look and functionality. Stop by our showroom to find your inspiration or contact us with your unique ideas and let us bring it to life! Here are just a few suggestions for custom bedroom ideas to help get the creative juices flowing.

Create a sitting area.

Most people only spend time in their bedrooms when they are getting ready for the day, getting ready to retire the day, or resting overnight. At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we are convinced that is due to the fact that not a lot of time is spent making the bedroom functional for any other activities. Creating a sitting area gives you the space you need to unwind in the room that is all yours. We love the idea of a half wall with built-in bookshelves to section off an area for reading, relaxing, and mindful meditation. Escape from the stress of the world and the hustle and bustle in the rest of the house and create a quiet sitting area all your own. Whether this is in the master suite or you create a nook in the kids’ rooms, quiet space will help improve mood, academics, and reduce stress and reliance on screen time. If you build it, they will chill.

Section off the home office.

It is becoming more and more common for rooms to have office spaces. In the kids’ rooms for homework, art, and studying and in the master suite for sending last-minute emails and working outside of office hours. If there is one thing that distracts from a restful night’s sleep and directly violates the sleep hygiene commandments, it is the light emitting from the computer reminding you of all the things pending on your list of things-to-do tomorrow. Don’t let yourself lose sleep and enjoy the tranquility of your bedroom when you quarantine your workspace to its own dedicated area in your room.
At Tharp Custom Cabinetry, we can build a custom desk with doors to shut down the workday and turn on the peaceful space where dreams can flourish. Custom built-in shelving helps to organize books and craft tools to reduce desk and room clutter.

If you are looking for ways to transform your bedrooms, consult the designers at Tharp Custom Cabinetry today. We offer a variety of options and can custom-build just about anything to meet your needs. All of our lumber is locally sourced and our products are handcrafted by some of the most skilled carpenters in the Front Range. Stop by our new Loveland showroom or contact us to get your project started today!