Tharp Cabinets to Relocate and Expand in Early 2019

Loveland, Colorado; November 9, 2018 – Tharp Cabinet announced their upcoming relocation to a Loveland facility located at 380 West 37th Street in early 2019. Tharp has been a household name in Loveland since 1971 designing, manufacturing, delivering, and installing custom made cabinetry for builders, commercial contractors, and homeowners in cities throughout the United States.

This expansion will move Tharp from 93,000 sq ft over 7 different buildings at their current location on Denver Avenue, to 170,000 sq ft in one building, ideal for Lean manufacturing and well located in Loveland for employees and customers. Tharp currently employs 135 full time employees and this new site will allow them to expand their product line and market reach creating more jobs.

“Tharp is an incredible home grown business that we are proud to support and retain in Loveland. Their contribution to the manufacturing and trades workforce cannot be overstated,” said City of Loveland Economic Development Director, Kelly Jones.

The City of Loveland has been working with Tharp Cabinets since late 2017 and awarded Tharp a $250,000 incentive which is tied to their renovation of the vacant site on 37th Street.

Garth Rummery, President of Tharp said, “We are very excited to be staying in Loveland because it’s the best location for our Customers and Employees. The much nicer new space will allow us to meet our increasing customer demand and allow us to attract top talent, which continues to be a challenge in this job market. It also creates a platform for even better quality, customer service, and cutting edge designs.

Colorado Eagles have a new locker room, with Tharp Cabinets

The Colorado Eagles have newly renovated locker room, new weight room and expanded training and equipment areas. Tharp cabinets were featured in the main locker room, changing room and equipment maintenance room.

As part of their move to the American Hockey League to serve as the top minor league affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche, the Eagles had to upgrade at the BEC.


From our designer, Henry Ramos

“Seeing everything coming together from the locker room design to seeing the finished custom product, there has been excitement all around. The Tharp team has been very proud to have been a part of the transformation and overall look that will be the home of their favorite teams here is Northern Colorado!

What a great organization we have had the pleasure of working with on such a robust process! Thank you for the opportunity!”


Tharp cabinets featured in CARE Awards 2018

Our dear friends at TVL Creative cleaned house this year with a total of 3 awards at the 2018 CARE ceremony! Every one of their projects is a tour de force and we are privileged to have contributed the kitchen cabinets for their 24th ave remodel, awarded best Interior Remodel/design! A big thanks to Grace Combs Photography for her amazing shots of the project!

Service! A message from our President.

         Why is service so important?  Service is our second core value and this is where we see Tharp’s major opportunity to differentiate itself in the workplace. There is a lot of complexity to custom cabinets, a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong, and focus on “delivering boxes”. Most companies have accepted this as part of industry. NOT US! We believe that the more customers that have an awesome experience, the more customers we will have come back, and the more their friends will buy from us. Always remember that customers never have to give us their hard earned money, but they CHOOSE to give it to us. It’s not about the boxes, it’s about the journey and the finished product! We, as a team, buy into service for all our customers, not just those that pay us directly. In other words, the department downstream from you, whether that be for information or product, is a customer, and they deserve to have a good experience. We can’t forget the adage that happiness equals reality minus expectation: high expectations + poor reality = unhappy customers; lower expectations + great reality = happy customers! [Note: that just setting low expectations is not a smart way to manipulate this equation] This means we also have to set expectations through good proactive communication: “It’s going to take 16 weeks and cost $200,000 to build the customer’s cabinet out of their extinct dream wood?” - tell them early! We have shown vast improvement in our level of service and customer experience over the last couple years, and still have improvements to make. I look forward to the results as we all work together to continuously improve!

-Garth Rummery

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Style Magazine

 We would like to feature Tharp’s June exposure in STYLE magazine! Although not specifically named in the article, the June addition featured an article entitled “Harmony Luxury Golf Course Living”, which featured a few photos that highlighted the kitchen in one of the homes with our cabinets! (see the pictures included). The home featured in the article was one built by Stonefield Homes, LLC. Our very own designer Henry Ramos worked as the designer on the project. The article mentions that one highlight of Stonefield homes are, ’design flow and attention to detail’. The article also quotes Marnie Long, Stonefiled’s exclusive sales and marketing agent, as saying: “But, below the walls our goal is always to be as efficient and quality-driven as we can be.” It also mentions Steve Foran, owner of Stonefield Homes, is insisting that every system or product he puts into his homes meet two criteria: they need to bring value to the client and have longevity. “We’re building a home for the long-run.” - he states. t is flattering that Tharp’s cabinets can be considered in the efficient and quality products offered in homes that are ‘built for the long run’!


Taking Ownership -By Brad Wallace, COO

In our business, we are constantly put in situations where the actions of others directly impact us and the question becomes one of taking ownership. My observations are that people have a tendency to “pass the buck” when it comes to dealing with deficiencies in either products or services and this is not a display of taking ownership; which can quickly create friction and conflict………detracting from our Mission to Deliver WOW. Can we all be better at taking ownership? I believe that I can, and I believe that all of us can make improvements toward this, but how? Off to the Internet I went and found a great article by the Belding Group that did a good job summing it up

Don’t Take The Easy Way:

It’s way to easy to just say to yourself, “that’s the customer’s problem, not mine,” and leave them on their own to solve it. Take it the next step. Provide a solution!

Be A Resource:

You could just say, “I don’t know anything about that.” Or, you could say, “Let me check to see if anyone else here might know the answer.”

Tell What You Can Do:

When you have to say ‘no’ to a customer, or absolutely aren’t able to give them what they want, make a point to tell them what you can do for them. Apply these quick points and a quote by Bill Gates, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" to a desire to continuously improve and the goal of taking more personal ownership in all the things we do can be achieved.

Kitchen Design Trends

What’s cooking for kitchens:
According to NKBA’s 2017 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Report, here are 10 kitchen trends to watch for:
1. Clean lines, built-ins and simple door styles dominate kitchen designs. Contemporary- styled kitchens will overtake traditional to be the second most popular design after transitional.
2. White and gray painted cabinets dominate kitchen color schemes and show no signs of slowing down, especially gray
3. Two-toned kitchens are gaining in popularity. Also mixing it up: materials and metals, across surfaces and as accents.
4. While wood cabinets dominate kitchen designs, metal – currently a small segment of the cabinet market – appears to be emerging.
5. Furniture-look pieces, roll-outs, pullouts and under cabinet lighting (LED) are among the most popular kitchen cabinet features.
6. Quartz is the most popular kitchen counter-top material, and trending up. Granite, the second most popular counter-top material, is trending down.
7. Induction cook-tops and convection ovens are trending higher, and microwave drawers are outpacing freestanding or built-in microwaves.
8. Technology in the kitchen is increasing. About one-third of NKBA professionals included wiring and pathways for future tech integration. Also trending: internet connected appliances and docking stations.
9. Interior barn and pocket doors are trending up.
10. Accessible and/or universal design features continue to trend up for kitchens.

Come into to our showroom and talk to one of our skilled designers about current trends and how we can incorporate them into your lifestyle!


This kitchen provides a multitude of finishes and textures, from old world to reclaimed wood. 

This kitchen provides a multitude of finishes and textures, from old world to reclaimed wood. 

Northern Colorado HBA Awards!

We are proud to have been apart of an amazing 2017 Northern Colorado HBA Parade of Homes.  One of our designers, Eric Parlin C.K.D, designed the kitchen that won for Best Kitchen awarded to our great partner PJL Schuman Custom Homes

This kitchen features; Lift up doors, white high gloss acrylic, and a mix of wood species.  Truly a transitional style througout. 

This kitchen features; Lift up doors, white high gloss acrylic, and a mix of wood species.  Truly a transitional style througout.